J.D. Houvener Talks Patents at The Dental Festival in New Orleans

Sep 7, 2023

Seattle, Washington – Bold Patents Law Firm announced today that founding attorney J.D. Houvener, MBA, PE was a featured speaker at the 2023 Dental Festival Conference in New Orleans. The Dental Festival’s mission is to unite dentistry by bringing dental professionals from around the country together during this annual event. The conference featured a host of dentists, innovators, and influencers in the dental industry.

Attorney Houvener’s presentation focused on patents and trademarks in dentistry. He provided an overview of U.S. patent and trademark law, explaining how dental practices, including dentists, hygienists, and other dental professionals can identify, protect, enforce, and monetize their inventions.

J.D. touched on salient matters, such as determining whether an idea is potentially eligible for patent protection and whether or not a logo or mark should be treated as a trademark. In particular, he stressed that dental patents allow inventors to exclusively produce, sell, and license their inventions. The objective is to encourage innovation in dental care by providing inventors the opportunity to recoup research and development costs.

Dental patents can encompass innovative dental implants, orthodontic devices, and even software for managing dental practices. Ultimately, patents play a critical role in advancing the field and improving patient outcomes.

J.D. also emphasized how trademarks protect brand identity, helping consumers distinguish between different providers in the marketplace. In the dental space, trademarks can cover brand names of toothpaste, logos of dental practices, or even unique colors and designs used in marketing dental services. These protections are crucial for building and maintaining brand reputation, and they often play a significant role in a consumer’s choice of dental care products or services.

J.D. would like to thank The Dental Festival and all the participants for making this event a success. As a seasoned patent and trademark attorney and thought leader in intellectual property law, he is committed to protecting the rights of inventors and fostering innovation in the dental space.

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