How to Add LocalBusiness Schema to a Law Firm’s Website Explained in New Video from Custom Legal Marketing

Dec 8, 2023

San Francisco, California – Custom Legal Marketing’s latest video is part of their Schema for Lawyers series and offers a detailed guide on the implementation of LocalBusiness Schema on law firm websites, a structured data markup code that can significantly enhance a law firm’s visibility in local search results.

The concept of LocalBusiness Schema revolves around the idea of anchoring a law firm’s website to its physical location, an approach that offers multiple benefits. “Your law firm website is physically hosted in a data center, but with LocalBusiness Schema, you can anchor your web content to your actual office location,” says Jason Bland, who is featured in Custom Legal Marketing’s video.

This method allows law firms to reassert the information provided in their Google Business profiles, such as address, phone number, and functioning hours. The new video explains how to add LocalBusiness Schema using popular WordPress plugins. However, websites not using WordPress can still benefit from understanding how LocalBusiness Schema works and why it’s important.

In the video, Custom Legal Marketing emphasizes that by using LocalBusiness Schema, law firms can ensure that potential clients find accurate and relevant information about their services when doing local searches.

The Schema for Lawyers series is available on YouTube, featuring various topics that help law firms optimize their online visibility. The latest episode, focusing on LocalBusiness Schema, promises to be yet another valuable resource for law firms seeking to boost their SEO and digital marketing success.

Custom Legal Marketing, based in San Francisco, CA with offices also in Florida and Delaware, is dedicated to providing exclusive marketing solutions for law firms. Their new video on LocalBusiness Schema is part of their ongoing commitment to helping law firms improve their online presence and sign new cases.

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The FAQ Schema markup video has been viewed over 12,000 times and was produced shortly after Google canceled support for FAQ schemas. In that video, Jason Bland used it as an opportunity to share insights on the generative AI future of search, a topic he also talked about in the Generative AI video released this summer.

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