Sommers Schwartz Files Lawsuit Over Erroneous Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis, Highlights Importance of Second Opinions

Mar 12, 2024

Detroit, Michigan – In a pivotal legal action that underscores the critical importance of accurate medical diagnoses, Sommers Schwartz, P.C., has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a client who was mistakenly diagnosed and treated for ovarian cancer. Attorney Richard Groffsky is leading the charge in this case, which serves as a stark reminder of the potentially life-altering consequences of diagnostic errors.

The plaintiff, whose identity remains confidential due to the sensitivity of the medical information, sought treatment for infertility issues in March 2017. Following multiple biopsies of her right ovary, pathologists at an Oakland County hospital in Rochester, Michigan, erroneously identified the presence of serous carcinoma, a form of ovarian cancer. This diagnosis set off a cascade of aggressive treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, and the removal of significant reproductive organs, based on the false belief that she was battling a deadly disease.

It was not until 2023, after relocating to California and consulting with a gynecologic oncologist at Stanford University Cancer Center, that the plaintiff learned the shocking truth. A thorough review by the Stanford Anatomic Pathology Gynecological Service revealed that the original diagnosis was incorrect – she had never had ovarian cancer.

This lawsuit brings to light the devastating impact of false-positive cancer diagnoses, not only in terms of the unnecessary physical and emotional toll on patients but also the importance of seeking second opinions on pathology results. The American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute note that nearly 20,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer annually in the U.S., with a significant number of these diagnoses potentially being false positives.

Research indicates that the rate of false-positive diagnoses can be alarmingly high, leading to unnecessary surgical investigations and treatments that can result in serious complications and psychological harm. The plaintiff’s experience, characterized by extensive chemotherapy and its lingering side effects, including anxiety, depression, and physical deterioration, exemplifies the grave consequences of such diagnostic errors.

Sommers Schwartz’s legal action aims not only to seek justice for the plaintiff but also to raise awareness about the necessity of obtaining second opinions on biopsies and lab results, especially in the context of serious cancer diagnoses. The firm, known for its commitment to advocating for victims of medical malpractice, emphasizes the urgency of confirming the accuracy of a diagnosis to prevent unnecessary and harmful treatments.


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