Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Todd J. Leonard, Encourages Riders and Motorists to do their Part to Keep the New Jersey Roads Safe this Summer

Jun 5, 2024

Morris County, New Jersey – As the summer season unfurls its warmth, New Jersey’s scenic routes beckon motorcyclists to the grandeur of open roads. Yet with the increase in two-wheeled travel comes a grave reminder from Todd J. Leonard Law Firm: the number of motorcycle fatalities are trending up in New Jersey and that necessitates a heightened vigilance from riders and motorists alike.

Todd J. Leonard, a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer in Morris County, New Jersey harnesses years of legal expertise to urge the community to prioritize safety. With New Jersey’s beautiful weather drawing more riders out, Leonard emphasizes the dire statistics underscoring the urgency for caution.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are more than 28 times likelier than passenger car occupants to meet a fatal end on the road, and five times more likely to sustain injuries. “When you’re on a motorcycle in New Jersey, there’s an 82% chance of injury if you’re involved in a crash,” Leonard states, referencing a report published recently by the administration. The previous year’s figures are even more concerning, marking the highest death toll since at least 1975.

Leonard identifies alcohol intoxication, the absence of helmets, inadequate safety training, reckless driving behaviors such as speeding and lane splitting, and treacherous road conditions as the chief culprits in motorcycle accidents. Furthermore, he points out that many accidents involve riders without a proper motorcycle license.

Injuries from these incidents can be devastating, ranging from fractured bones and road rash to spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injuries. “Each injury can change a life forever, impacting not just the rider but their families and communities,” observes Leonard.

The Todd J. Leonard Law Firm underscores the importance of immediate medical attention following an accident, as well as meticulous record-keeping of medical treatments and any other accident-related expenses. Lost wages from work should also be documented.

“For those injured due to another’s negligence, it is crucial to explore your legal options,” Leonard advises. The implications of a motorcycle accident extend beyond physical harm; the financial and emotional toll can be overwhelming. Leonard, whose firm has championed the rights of countless accident victims, stresses the significance of seeking legal counsel to navigate the complexities of filing a personal injury claim.

As the summer beckons, so does the call for shared responsibility on New Jersey’s roads. Leonard’s plea is for a community-wide commitment to safety, ensuring that the joy of riding is not overshadowed by preventable tragedy. The Todd J. Leonard Law Firm stands ready to support those affected by motorcycle accidents, advocating for justice and the safer roads that everyone deserves.

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