Sommers Schwartz PC Investigates Father Joseph Carne’s Years of Alleged Sexual Abuse

Sommers Schwartz PC Investigates Father Joseph Carne’s Years of Alleged Sexual Abuse

Jun 25, 2024

Detroit, Michigan – Sommers Schwartz, PC, a renowned law firm in Detroit, Michigan, is currently investigating the alleged sexual misconduct of Father Joseph Carne, a former priest with around three decades of experience, who is reported to have sexually abused young adults and teenagers in Michigan for many years.

Father Joseph Carne, who served as a pastor in Bessemer, Marquette, and Escanaba in Michigan, used his official position to exploit vulnerable young individuals. He also worked as a fraternity adviser at Michigan Technological University in Houghton and volunteered as a counselor at a summer camp.

Father Carne reportedly invited victims into his rectory, home, or church cottages in Dollar Bay, where he offered them alcohol, invited them into his sauna, gave massages, and engaged in inappropriate sexual activities. Survivors of the abuse also recounted how he exposed himself to them at the camp and even witnessed him sexually assault others.

The Marquette Diocese responded in 2002, removing Father Carne from his ministry in light of the allegations. The Diocese also issued apology letters to the victims and offered free counseling. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that the Marquette Prosecuting Attorney was notified of Father Carne’s actions at the camp. Unfortunately, due to the statute of limitations, criminal charges could not be brought against the late priest, who died in 2019.

Sommers Schwartz attorneys Lisa Esser-Weidenfeller, Matthew Curtis, and Jay Yasso are diligently working to support survivors of sexual abuse. They have successfully recovered millions from high-profile offenders, including Dr. Larry Nassar—Michigan State University and USAG team physician—and Dr. Robert Anderson, a physician who sexually abused students, athletes, and other patients for over thirty-five years at the University of Michigan.

Dana Nessel – Michigan Attorney General
Report Released October 27, 2022

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