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Internet Activist’s Death Prompts Scrutiny of Computer Hacking Laws

January 24, 2013

By Ryan Conley, staff writer – January 24, 2013 The online world is reeling from the suicide of an Internet pioneer and political activist, and his death may result in significant changes to federal anti-hacking laws. Aaron Swartz, who took his own life on January 11, 2013, at the age of 26, was a co-creator…

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Brave New Worlds – Who Owns Outer Space?

December 18, 2012

By Barbara Atkinson, staff writer – December 18, 2012 While our civilization has developed the technology to explore the outer reaches of space, our legal framework for space exploration, space enterprise and space economics has yet to catch up. Progress continues to be made in space technology, from the now long-ago landing on the Moon…

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Textbook Copyright Case Questions the Nature of Ownership

December 6, 2012

By Ryan Conley, staff writer – December 6, 2012 The US Supreme Court is expected to rule early next year on a pivotal intellectual property case between a textbook publisher and a college student who profited from reselling textbooks purchased cheaply abroad. The case could fundamentally change what it means to purchase a copyrighted work.…

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Social Media Activity Continues To Stoke Free Speech Debate

November 13, 2012

By Barbara Atkinson, staff writer – November 13, 2012 Will the law ever draw the line in the sand when it comes to the limits of protected speech? The internet’s uncanny ability as a tool to push the limits of protected speech is once again in the news, as a number of recent high-profile incidents…

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Jury Nullification Gaining Influence On Criminal Trials

November 1, 2012

By Ryan Conley, staff writer – November 1, 2012 The power of jury nullification has gained recognition, acceptance, and wider use in recent years, and has the potential to profoundly affect the application of criminal justice in the United States. Jury nullification allows juries to acquit defendants who are guilty as charged, but who they…

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In-Vitro Fertilization Raises Custody Rights and Family Law Questions

October 12, 2012

By Barbara Atkinson, staff writer – October 12, 2012 The first successful use of in vitro fertilization (IVF) created a new world of possibilities, a world the law is still struggling to come to terms with almost 35 years later. In 1978, Louise Brown made history as the world’s first baby to be conceived by…

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Sports Fan Violence Prompts Questions of Litigation and Liability

September 4, 2012

By Barbara Atkinson, staff writer – September 4, 2012 A spate of recent litigation involving sports teams, leagues and venues points to growing concerns when it comes to fan safety and where responsibility ultimately falls when something goes wrong. What is the liability of the promoters and venue owners when a fan is injured by…

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Glocks V. Docs: Second Amendment Issues In The Crosshairs

August 8, 2012

By Barbara Atkinson, staff writer – August 8, 2012 There are few topics more evergreen in the U.S. political arena and consistently in the forefront of the news than a group protesting that either their First Amendment or Second Amendment rights are being curtailed. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the two…

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Former NFL Players File Lawsuit Against League Over Concussion Risks

June 19, 2012

By Tony Cooper, staff writer – June 19, 2012 The National Football League is the king of all professional sports – nothing else is even close. This multi-billion dollar mega-industry captivates its frenzied followers 12 months a year, even as NFL stadiums sit empty during the off-season. The league’s draft of collegiate players has graduated…

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House Considers Controversial Internet Security Bill

April 19, 2012

By Brendan Conley, staff writer – April 18, 2012 The U.S. House of Representatives is considering an Internet security bill that would authorize companies to release customers’ confidential information to private security agencies and the government. The Obama administration has expressed concerns about the proposed law, while stopping short of threatening a veto. Internet users…

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