Bills Moving Through the U.S. Congress

Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.

Dissatisfied eBay Buyer Gets Sued for Feedback

By Kerrie Spencer, staff technology writer – May 4, 2010 This story has some interesting twists and turns, but primarily, it’s about being able to…

Ban on Genetically Modified Monsanto Seeds – Podcast – Kristen Friend

The Court’s decision in the case Monsanto Co. v. Geertson Seed Farms could have an impact on the threshold for challenges under the National Environmental…

Supreme Court Considers Ban on Genetically Modified Monsanto Seeds

By Kristen Friend, staff U.S. Supreme Court writer – April 29, 2010 The Court’s decision in the case Monsanto Co. v. Geertson Seed Farms could…

Gay Rights Group Sues Sports League- Podcast – Delores Amorelli

Three bisexual male softball players from San Francisco recently filed suit against North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association (NAGAAA). Based on Delores Amorelli’s April 28,…

Gay Rights Group Sues Sports League over Discriminatory Action

By Delores Amorelli, staff writer of’s Newsroom Column ‘In Good Practice’ – April 27, 2010 Three bisexual male softball players from San Francisco recently…

Arizona Legislation Podcast – Gode Davis

Based on his April 22, 2010 article, Arizona’s Hate Legislation, staff columnist Gode Davis talks about the parallels between Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070 and an…

Arizona’s Hate Legislation

By Gode Davis, political staff columnist – April 22, 2010 On March 27, 2008, Republican Governor Donald B. Carcieri signed a six-point executive order which…

Craigslist Lawsuit Podcast – Kerrie Spencer

This podcast talks about the million dollar case of intellectual rights and copyright infringement filed by Craigslist against a software provider that harvested emails from…

Craigslist Gets Favorable $1.3 Million Judgment

By Kerrie Spencer, staff technology writer – April 20, 2010 This case is about a $1.3 million default judgment against (owned by Naturemarket) and…

Financial Reform Podcast – Kristen Friend

Proponents of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency worry that it will become further watered down once the Dodd bill reaches the Senate floor for debate.…

Department of Labor investigation finds grain silo operator failed to provide required safety training, follow proper procedures in deadly engulfment

Sep 19, 2023

Antitrust Attorney Opposes Proposed Licensing Board Immunity Bill, The Restoring Board Immunity Act of 2017

May 19, 2024

OSHA announces meeting of Federal Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health on July 13

Jul 10, 2023

Law Firm Newswire Expands Press Release Distribution Plan Giving Lawyers Access to The Street and MSN for Less

Mar 21, 2024

Will Tampa Show America What Democracy Looks Like?

May 29, 2012

SEC Charges Fluor Corp. for Accounting Improprieties

Sep 6, 2023

Long Road to Justice For a Woman In Seven Year Medical Malpractice Case

Oct 26, 2011

Wirtz Law Reminds Kia and Hyundai Owners in California of Deadline to Opt Out of Class Action Settlement by August 7, 2023 or Risk Losing Their Right to Pursue a Claim Under California’s Lemon Law

Jul 19, 2023

Google May Face Lawsuits Over Accusations of Unfair Practices

Nov 27, 2012

Todd J. Leonard Law Firm Secures $1,245,000 Settlement in Drunk Driving Case

Nov 9, 2023

SEC Charges Privately Held Monolith Resources for Using Separation Agreements that Violated Whistleblower Protection Rules

Sep 8, 2023

Law Firms Are Loving Custom Legal Marketing’s New Dashboard

Apr 24, 2024

Littman Krooks LLP Attorneys Distinguished as 2024 The Best Lawyers in America® for Excellence in Elder Law and Trusts & Estates

Aug 18, 2023

Michael Steeles War Gaffe

Jul 13, 2010

Leonard Law Firm $1.5 Million Settlement for Car Accident Case

Mar 4, 2024